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man laying bricks

This gallery contains pictures of jobs National Restoration has done. These pictures are designed to show customers the unbeatable craftsmanship and skill of National Restoration and its employees.

Mechanic Street lofts: before cleaning and in-filling

After in-filling but before cleaning

Completed Mechanic Street Lofts project.

3410 Chicago: Above and above right show the building before it was cleaned. The image to the right shows the building immediately after our expert cleaning process.

Before and after pictures of the Edsel and Eleanor ford estate window lintel replacement.


Construction of a new built in outdoor kitchen area.


Existing stone wall

This is the stone† wall we built in the place of the one shown to the left, as the new proud owner says ďItís a work of art.Ē We couldn't agree more.

Building an elevator shaft and stairwell